Free Spins by Microgaming - My Criteria of Choice

Everyone knows that this software provider holds the highest level of trust among professional players. Such reputation also spreads on Microgaming products and gaming characteristics. Therefore, it applies also to promotions. Enjoying online amusements with this company brings only positive feedbacks. Nevertheless, sometimes it does not depend totally on the creators of entertainments or review you took info from. Different casinos operate their own strategies and have distinctive features. Therefore, it requires verifying other criteria before using this promotion.

Microgaming Casino Free Spins Bonus Overview

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Probably, there is nothing better for a newcomer than free spins. Certainly, this type of gifts brings a possibility to play with zero risks for personal assets. Commonly, it requires taking 3 steps: to download software, register on the website and to confirm an email. This is sufficient for acquiring 20-30 spins. Nevertheless, there are points to examine before applying for this promotion. That covers time restrictions for using it and special wagering requirements to withdraw earnings.

Offer Kind: No Deposit vs. Deposit

Among different types of spins, there is a main division based on the necessity to replenish your gambling wallet. The first one provides free tries directly related to the amount of a deposit. Frequently, a casino mentions a fixed number of spins which a consumer can obtain. Normally, desktop and instant versions of online platform propose this type of the bonus. On the contrary, no deposit version obliges simple registration or other options which do not request increasing an account. Usually, it works on software downloaded from the website or on mobile applications.

Terms of Use

All casinos widely advertise different possibilities to obtain a bonus and related conditions for that. Therefore, a personal page of a gambler shall show a notification with the rules to employ the gift. Normally, all or some particular slot-based amusements allow using granted free spins or taking your personal assets as a bet. The outcome of the try would eventually show whether it is a winning combination or not. The lucky try would give you real money which fully enters into gambler’s possession. Therefore, it seems really easy to operate this kind of promotions. Nevertheless, there is a limited timeframe to apply the gift before the deadline expires as it would disappear without opportunity to be reclaimed.

Withdrawal Rules

Earnings acquired due to bonuses are, generally, treated equally to those which are gained using personal savings. Consequently, they are subject to requirements imposed by payment offers. This clearly refers to conditions of charging fees, waiting time for transactions to be completed and the actual banking method (virtual account via e-wallets, credit/debit cards, wire transfers, etc). Moreover, there is an extremely important additional condition explained below.

Wagering Requirement

Normally, earnings from bonuses shall not be directly withdrawn. The known wagering requirements create an obstacle for that. Microgaming is generous with a recommended number, which varies from x30 to x60. Nevertheless, some casinos practice to diversify this figure from x5 to x80. Basically, it requires multiplying the given digit on the amount acquired using gifts. For examples, x50 with $50 of income makes $1,500. Thus, a player shall spend $1,500 and then have a possibility to withdraw an outcome. However, the obtained $50 can make much more than $1,500, it all depends on a person’s level of professionalism, strategy and, obviously, luck.


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Normally, each bonus has a deadline to be applied. Thus, a person shall check how many months it is valid. Meantime, do not redeem them all in one-two days as it may be useless. Consequently, use these extra tries only for particular occasions and keep personal savings. On contrary, there are some time restrains to obtain with this bonus. For instance, a platform can require making a deposit within 10 days of a particular sum to obtain a number of spins. Thus, verify carefully all key dates as they constitute a great importance for online gambling.

Bottom Line

Overall, I would strongly suggest accepting a free spins promotion kind. A player may not use it or wait until it expires. Thus, there will be zero consequences. Notwithstanding, this feature may be useful for any (mostly) reels-based amusements. There are varieties of success stories from famous gambles that started with nothing on their account and became billionaires. This argument is even stronger when it concerns Microgaming, a software provider with an outstanding reputation which always makes clear and legal products. Moreover, beginners shall take a maximum advantage of this. They may not acquire decent knowledge of different games and may not estimate their risks carefully. Therefore, free spins would be a great instrument to embark on their future possibilities.